“If An Old Man Can Marry a Young Girl, Why Can’t I Marry a Young Man?”- Don Zella Asks (Watch Video)

City socialite Nalongo Sheila Don Zella real names Sheila Don Zella has advocated for equality in marriage to be granted for women too just as it is for the sake of the men.

Not ready to let her relationship with her young lover and son to journalist and controversial political analyst Joseph Tamale Mirundi who is none other than Mirundi Junior end in soil, the celebrated mother has hit out at critics for judging her endlessly for crushing on young boys.

Through her socials, Don Zella has called for equity in marriage for both sexes in the Pearl of Africa just like men have the greenlight to chew teenagers as young as 13 to 16years.

The 36 year old too believes she shouldn’t be the old man out when it comes it on her alleged affair with Tamale Mirundi Junior whom she is reportedly doubling as far as his age numbers are concerned.

“It’s ok for men to marry gals as young as 13 to 16 but not ok for women to get married to young men ? Uganda LEARN the word EQUALITY what men can do women can do mutujeko ebinyooo tuli mu struggle.”- Nalongo Don Zella





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