OMG!!! 😮These Pictures Of Regina Daniel’s Post Surgery Body Will Wow You

Oh my goodness! Forever 16 Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has shared first pictures she took of herself after undergoing a body surgery.

Undergoing surgeries have gradually become the life style of many Nigerian celebrities. You can hardly mention any of our celebrities that have not been under the knife.

The reason why people undergo surgeries is not far fetched. It enhances their real figures and make them look and feel better about themselves.


In very rare cases, these surgeries end up boomeranging but in our cases over here, the successes outweigh the disasters associated with surgeries.

Regina have joined the geng of celebrities who go through surgeries for various reasons.

But for now, the reason for her surgery has not been publicly disclosed. Fans do not know for sure the body part that was operated on.

Nevertheless, they are more than eager to see how their fave looks after being under the dreaded knife.

During her stay in the hospital where she was operated on and where she consequently received medical attention, the wife of billionaire Need Nwoko, Regina Daniels received lots of good wishes from fans and family who also paid her frequent visits.

As soon as the surgery was successful, the beautiful actress made to her social media account to share gorgeous pictures of herself during and after the surgery.

Here are some of the cute photographs posted by Regina Daniels after the conclusion of her body surgery.

Also, the actress profoundly thanked and appreciated everyone who stood by her, prayed for her, visited her and wished her well during her stay in the hospital.

Some fans even went as far as showing her love via her social media accounts.

She further assured them that she was perfectly okay now, and could now stand on her own two feet.

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