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OMG! ! Driver In Trouble For Killing A Common Sheep, See What Residents Did To Him


An Unusual incident has occurred at the Yukos Township in Kitengela, Kajiado County in Kenya after a water tanker knocked down 15 sheep along the Namanga- Nairobi Highway.

The incident which led to the loss of the fifteen sheep that were grazing along the road has left the people around the area shocked while the owner of the animals is counting huge losses.

As per witnesses, the lory was heading to Kitengela Town from Isinya when the accident happened. Some of the witnesses said that such an incident has not happened before as they say that many residents usually bring their animals for grazing along the road especially at the time when there is draught that lead to limited pasture.


The residents also said that the vehicles that use the road usually drive so carefully as they condemn the water truck driver for over speeding. The incident stirred anger as the residents descended on the lory driver who was rescued by the police officers. The officers from Kitengela Police Station quickly responded to the incident before the residents took a serious action against the truck driver.


The residents later demonstrated following the incident as they demanded compensation of the fifteen animals. The residents also said that those who were herding the sheep escaped death narrowly as the lory could have knocked them down too.


The residents now demands that those who use the road should drive appropriately. The residents have also lamented following the death of the animals as they add that motorists need to respect the residents as they constantly cross the road with their livestock when seeking pastures and water.


The driver is currently at the premises of the police being charged with over speeding.


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