OMG! ! See How A Man Faked His Kidnapping Just To Get £10, 000 From Guardians -

OMG! ! See How A Man Faked His Kidnapping Just To Get £10, 000 From Guardians


A man namely Christopher Sellman, who is 23 years of age, formed a very sweet drama of lies just to gain £10, 000 from two people after sending disgusting videos to them.

As per reports, Chrisopher sent certain pictures of a razor blade showing a threat to his throat, a crossbow to his temple, and videos of him being forced underwater by some people.

According claims, the victims first received messages on social media from an unknown phone number, containing a picture of the 23- year- old Sellman with a razor blade being held to his throat. The message appeared to be from someone who said they had kidnapped Sellman and that he would only be released if the victims paid money into a bank account, which was given by the kidnappers.


Their wish was done as the victim sent the money into the account details provided by them but due to greedy, they demanded for more. They received the videos and pictures again and another £1, 000 was paid.

They asked for more each and everyday till they got finished with the money, the Kidnappers were told that they have no money left again where the victims were also threatened with violence with the Kidnappers claiming that they will come to their place of residence.

After contacting the police, the victims changed their contacts but began getting messages via email and social media.


The Detectives identified similar typos and grammar errors between messages sent by Sellman and those of the kidnappers. The officers attended Sellman address where he was arrested on suspicion of blackmail on March 24th this year

Being interrogated by the police, It was discovered that the two suspects had been using the money to pay for sports clothing, takeaways, and other luxurious things.


They were slapped with 2 years and 4 months in prison by the court.

” Sellman showed an appalling abuse of trust for those who care about him, faking his own kidnap and torture for money to spend on sports clothing and takeaways. ” The Investigating officer said.

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