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OMG! ! Total Drama As Man Returns Home After 47-Years To Meet Wives Married To Other Men


One Kenyan man who vanished in 1974, was left disappointed to find his wives did not wait for him to return.

According to reports, the man who goes by the name Peter Oyuka aged 84 made it clear to the people that he left home to search for greener pastures that would help take care of his two wives and five kids.


It is also reported that the man who got missing more than 3 decades ago never told his family exactly where he was going, and said he was saddened to find out his wives had given up on hopes of his return.

” I wish my wives were here to welcome me home. I wish them well in their marriages. However, I would like them to know that I’ m still alive and that they should create time and visit me, ” he told the media


As per media reports coming from Kenya, the man expected his wives to remain intact while he spent most of the 47 years away from home in Tanzania, where he fell in love and had a child with another woman.

He was being able to be recognised after he made the introduction, his wives were shocked to see him since they thought he was kidnapped by some people due to his vanishing.


” My mother told me that I had a father who got missing 47 years ago, I asked her how it happened and she told me that it just happened unexpectedly, not knowing that he decided to have another life elsewhere, I’ m so surprised and happy to see him again because I was told that I once saw my father at a very tender age. ” The second child declared.


” We all thought he was dead, we lost hope that he would return so we had to accept the proposal that came for us to have another life again with another man. ” The first wife said.


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