Once We Have Fulani Herdsmen As Doctors, Engineers, Nurses, Insecurity Will Die Down- Sheikh Gumi


Sheikh Dr Abubakar Ahmad Gumi, a renowned Kaduna- based Islamic cleric, believes that by providing education chances to Fulani herders at the grassroots, the country’ s simmering insecurity may be addressed.

Sheikh Gumi stated during an inspection visit to the Sultan Bello Mosque Foundation- funded Sheikh Uthman Bin Fodio Centre at Kagarko Grazing Reserve Kohoto Village, Kagarko Local Government Area of Kaduna State, that education is the best way to help the Fulani herdsmen broaden their knowledge and avoid becoming involved in insecurity in the country.

” The school’ s building is an example to the three layers of government, corporate entities, and individuals, ” he said. Rather than spending billions on gear, spend it on education. I’ ve talked to a number of them, and they’ ve agreed to put their weapons down and embrace education. ”

FINALLY, Sheikh Gumi Revealed The Only Thing That Is Capable Of Solving Insecurity Problem, See What He Said That Surprise People

Gumi went on to say that the center has six classrooms that will be open 24 hours a day, stressing that the ranchers will rear cattle in the morning and then return to study in the evening.

He promised that the school would run primary and secondary schools at regular intervals, encouraging Fulani herders to take education seriously.

Sheikh Gumi added that the Centre has a hospital as well as an economic boost by teaching people how to feed their animals with greenery, adding that if such Centers were reproduced across the country, Nigeria would be at peace.

He stated that the vast majority of Fulani herdsmen are not involved in banditry, and that if they were, the country would face serious challenges.

Despite the fact that the center’ s construction project is still ongoing, Gumi believes that the three levels of government should collaborate on instructing the herdsmen on how to be economically viable.

” When most Fulani herdsmen are educated, you will find doctors, engineers, nurses, and other professionals among them who will not engage in things that are antithetical to the laws of the land, but the country would be better for it, ” he stated.

He claimed that teachers would be transported from Kaduna to the center, and that some of the pupils would be taught entrepreneurship so that they could be self- sufficient once their studies were over.

How Buhari’ s Government Can Stop Banditry, Herdsmen Attacks— Islamic Cleric

Ahmad Gumi, a controversial Islamic scholar, has detailed how he believes President Muhammadu Buhari’ s administration should combat banditry and other security threats posed by Fulani herders and other criminals.

The Kaduna- based preacher believes that education can help prevent crimes among herders.

The Islamic expert said in a Facebook post that creating schools and encouraging herder children to attend them will decrease banditry.

Gumi remembered how he persuaded several herders in Kagarko’ s Janjala forest to pursue education and abandon banditry.

The herders, he claims, leaped at the opportunity.

According to him, a school was created for their children.

” It’ s Education, ” he explained. It is called cleaning out the pool from which criminals acquire their foot soldiers, and it entails creating schools for them and their children in order to rehabilitate them and prevent their children from becoming bandits as a way of life.

” I was in the Janjala forest in Kagarko seven months ago, in early February, to encourage Herdsmen to resist and fight back against the bad apples among them, as well as lay the foundation stone for a school/center for them. ”

According to the cleric, 600 people had signed up for classes. ” Today, with the roof in place, they moved into the school even without plaster, electrical fixtures, or ceilings, ” he continued.

Military Action, Not Best Solution To Herdsmen Crisis- Gumi

Disturbed by the turmoil in areas of the north, famous Muslim cleric Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Gumi has claimed that previous military acts have exacerbated the problem by encouraging herdsmen resistance.

He insisted that the crisis can be resolved through the government’ s active involvement with the protestors.

Gumi offered solutions to the raging crisis, especially in the Northwest region, in a statement titled ‘ Zamfara: The Flaring of Crisis’ released on Monday. He maintained that military action was not the best solution.

” Zamfara state is exceptional in many areas, ” he says. The state sparked a firestorm of state constitutional modifications in the early 2000s, allowing sharia law to be applied beyond personal law (i. e. marriages, divorce, and inheritance) to encompass Islamic criminal law. It was favorably appreciated by the local population, and it was adopted by eleven other northern states. It goes without saying, however, that the international community, led by politicians who promote sodomy and lesbianism under the guise of secularism, was in the vanguard of the fight. It quickly morphed into a political issue and faded away. ”

‘ Had similar shariah implementation efforts focused on literacy and economic empowerment, as we see in Saudi Arabia, Zamfara would have become a shining example of the blend of a religiously modern state proud of its growth and humility, as we see in Saudi Arabia. ‘ Regrettably, it has developed into a hotbed of criminality and insecurity in the region.

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