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An Open Letter To Chief Olusegun Obasanjo On The Security Situation In Yoruba Land.

Dear sir,

I write this letter to express my thoughts on the recent issue of insecurity in Yoruba Land(South-West Nigeria).

As a senior statesman, former president of Nigeria and a Yoruba man, I beg you to be more vocal about this menace, as there has been an increase in the cases of kidnap and killing of your fellow Yoruba brethren.

As a patriotic Nigerians, we sincerely do not need to wait for situations to degenerate before we begin to speak against them, however, I must not fail to appreciate you for the diplomatic response you gave to the Sunday Igboho’s case.

I urge you to invite Sunday Igboho and call him to order. Even more, you can work in tandem with other leaders and former leaders from the South-west to ensure that our forests are secure.

I urge you to give deep consideration to the content of this letter.

Dear Nigerians, what is your take on this very sensitive issue?


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