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An Open Letter From A “Fulani Herdsman” To Sunday Igboho Over The Crisis In The Southwest

Dear Sunday Igboho, I am writing this open letter to you because I know you are a powerful and influential person in the yoruba land. However, I want to let you know that not all the Fulani herdsmen are criminals, there are some herdsmen that are peacefully doing their business in the Southwest without causing any problem.

Therefore, I think it’s wrong for anyone to chase away all the Fulani herdsmen from the Southwest rather, I believe that the government should identify the criminals among the Fulani herdsmen and prosecute them.

Again, I want to beg Sunday Igboho to advise his followers in order to restore unity between the Fulani herdsmen and yorubas, he should let his followers to know that every citizen has the right to do business in any state in Nigeria.

I believe that it will be nice for the yorubas and Fulani herdsmen to settle their disputes in order to restore peace in the Southwest.

So, what advice will you give to Sunday Igboho concerning the Fulani herdsmen doing business in the Southwest?.

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