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Open Letter To Igbos and Yorubas Living in The North Over The Clashes In Oyo State

Dear Igbos and Yorubas living in the North;

I’m writing my open letter to all Igbos and Yorubas who are living in the northern part of the Country. Yoruba People have allegedly Attacked Hausa and Fulani people in Oyo State, which have burnt their Properties and Businesses which we don’t know what this may lead to, we don’t know what Hausa people may decide to do for Igbos and Yoruba people living in the North.

They burnt and destroyed Northerners’ shops, injured them, and killed innocent people for no reason, and Government has not said anything about this. Hausa markets called Sasa market in Oyo State has been destroyed where properties of Hausa and Fulani people worth billions of Naira were destroyed.


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