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Open Letter To Mr. President On Insecurity

With all due respect and loyalty Sir, I would like to bring to your notice the recent sad happenings across the country which as a result led to the death of Barrister Ahmad Gulak and the Chief Provost of the Nigerian Immigration Service, Imo State, command, Okiemute Mrere, by unknown gunmen.

Sir, you have to intervene in this sad development caused by unpatriotic citizens who have surreptitiously hidden under the umbrella of secession to undertake their heinous activities of putting the country in chaos and economic deterioration.


Those perpetrating evil should be thoroughly investigated and brought to book for violating the system of government. Leaving them free to destabilise the country will not yield anything positive. Our security personnel know all the hidden places of these people. So why shouldn’t they be arrested and prosecuted in order to reveal those giving them support and sponsoring them.

Furthermore, as it appears that their mission is to divide the country through succession considering the fact that they have continued to burn down offices of security agencies making the government lose humongous amount of funds that would be used to rebuild the said agencies in these trying times of economic rigour.

In a nutshell, I would like to advise the government of the federation to timely and quickly put a stop to all unconstitutional agitations that will cause chaos and disintegration in the country.


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