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An Open Letter From A Northerner To All Yorubas Living In The North

Dear Yorubas Living In The North,

Northerners in some western states are fleeing for their lives as their businesses, houses and place of work has been destroyed by angry youths in the West. They even received death threats, they have no other choice than to flee to the north. Some of these Northerners built a life in the West but due to ignorance of some people they were chased to the north. Now Northerners are leaving for the north, what about Yorubas (Southerners) living in the north.

If there should be let’s say a quarrel between Yorubas in the North and Northerners, do you think they will spare these Yorubas?. Northerners are peaceful people but when you make them angry then you’ll have to see the other side of them. It’s high time Yorubas in the North realises that they need to go back to their homeland. As Northerns are fleeing for their homelands, they should do the same in order to promote peace between the two groups.

Now, it has gotten to the point where goods and cattles have to be blocked from entering the West. Yorubas should look at things from a different perspective, if goods and cattles are blocked from entering the west, it only means that there would be scarcity of beefs grains and legumes such as beans and the cowpea family. Yorubas should stop sending Northerners away, without them they wouldn’t be productive enough.

But, since Yorubas have decided to chase Northerners in the West, it’s time for Yorubas in the North to get back home before things get out of hand. I pray for the peaceful coexistence of our country Nigeria, Amen. Would you agree with me in any way? 

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