An Open Letter To UNN, UI, FUTO, OAU, UNIBEN, UNILAG, UNILORIN And Other Universities In Nigeria

Education is one of the best legacy every young adult in the society should nominate. Going to school don’t just make us opportuned for varieties of reputable jobs but also build our thinking and make us responsible people in the society.

This is the reason different academic bodies in Nigeria is striving to ensure that students return to classes without further extension. However, while considering students academics, their health was also being considered due to the coronavirus.

Some schools are still deliberating on how to accommodate a whole lot of university students without breaching the social distance protocol hence the university is a social place.

Lecture halls are also jam-packed and less conducive for the multitude of students struggling to attend lectures. The overcrowding also makes the classrooms stuffed and less ventilated which can lead to a lot of COVID-19 infection.

However, just like every problem has a solution, I think there is a way the university managements will handle this emergency situation to diffuse it’s effect.

1. Classes should be divided into sessions.

Usually, in the days of a well structured academic schedule, students while being admitted, will always choose their learning periods either morning or afternoon studies. Most international schools are doing it even some neighboring countries that surround Nigeria.

Students are always been given the option to select their learning periods. This will help during this emergency period. Instead of an overcrowded class, some students will attend the morning session which may range from 7a.m to 12 p.m while the afternoon session will start from 2 p.m to 6:30 p.m.

It will also assist in carrying all students along in their academic especially after spending a lot time without studying. In these way, social distance can easily be maintained without excuses.

2. Course works should be divided accordingly

It’s not a new thing for our tertiary institutions lecturers to come into the class and assign an informed quiz. Sincerely, this is a sure way to test the ability of students yet it’s also the reason most students overcrowds the lecture halls especially when a lecturer is already tagged to that habit.

There should be a proper division of study, in such a way that some numbers of students may come class today and take their quiz while others come tomorrow and so on. This will help in maintaining the health guidelines by NCDC.

  1. Virtual classes is relevant

Due to the fact that study time have decreased because classes have been divided into sessions, lecturers will have little or no time to attend to questions or handle students confusion in any course. The best thing is for schools to institute a virtual (online) platform where students and teachers can trash out any unconcluded topic.

Students can further cease this medium to ask questions comfortably, understand better and infact interact relatively with their tutors. Lecturers can also give assignments through that medium without having all students come to classes to take their assignment questions.

I hope higher institutions finds this information relevant and implement it for the benefit of reviving the academic vitality of the nation.

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