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After I Opened A Shop Of N700k For My Babe, I Discovered She’s Having Affair With Another Guy – Man

Infatuation has led to so many people misinterpreting it for true love. Many men have fallen prey to this as after they’ve had one or two sexual escapades with a girl, the next thing that comes to their minds is that they are already in love and thus, starts spending heavily on the lady without minding to look deeply if the lady in question, truly love them as they think.

While people always condemn men for breaking women’s heart or rather going after other ladies even when they have one, it still happens in the life of women too as some of them, still try to try out other men too despite having one in their life, that virtually provides all for them.

A man took to Facebook to narrate what a woman did to him despite all the help he rendered to her, in the name of loving her but yet, she choose to break his heart. He stated that they both met online, started chatting and later saw each other of which there was sexual matters between them. Afterwards, he took it upon himself to carter for her well-being and even went as far as opening a shop for her, with goods worth #700,000 only to later discover she’s having an affair with another guy, who later scammed her of the goods he bought for her.

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One thing is loving someone and another is finding out if that same person loves you too. Love can’t be balanced if the two parties aren’t putting efforts to make it work. Never you misquote infatuation for love for these two are very much different, although many are still being blindfolded by the clear difference in the two, which has led to many heartaches in and after relationships.


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