I Opened My Wife’s Wardrobe in Search Of My Missing Singlets, What I Saw May Divide Us

My name is Philip and I have been a successful young man when compared to my age mates. The best of a my blessings has been my marriage of seven years with Judith. We both have two sons. Judith was everything I wanted for a wife, loving, humble, beautiful and a good cook. In fact, my friends are always envious of me each time they visit me. Today happens to be my wedding anniversary. My wife had gone to the salon to make a new hair for the event this evening as we planned to celebrate with family and friends.

I didn’t have much to do and I decided to help my wife with her chores of folding my clothes. As I did, I noticed my singlets were not there and I began to search around for it. I looked in the washing machine but it was not there.  I began to fold my wife’s clothes and drop them in her Wardrobe which was next to mine. I saw her clothes wrapped carelessly in a bundle and I knew it was very much unlike Judith. I picked it up to help her fold it neatly. As I unfolded the heap, my three singlets fell out but with blood splattered all over them and some strange long needles pinned on it.

I took my singlets and returned the heap of her clothes and I drove to my mother’s house. I showed her the singlets and she immediately confirmed it to be some sort of ritual. I wondered what my wife planned to do to me and I drove back with anger. I put the singlets on our bed and awaited her return. My wife came in so beautifully with her forehead shinning so bright. I could not help but to notice the shock on her face when she saw the singlets on the bed. She first began to ask me what that was and I just starred at her.

She said she will just dispose them and that was when I spoke up. I ordered her not to touch them and demanded to know what it was. At first, she kept denying that she has no hand in it. I told her to enter the car and I sped off to the church. She kept on asking me where we were going until we got to the parish house. The priest talked to us and prayed. She then opened up that it was her friends who told her to secure her husband and she had performed other rituals and the singlet with blood stains and long needles were mere physical inputs of the ritual.

I was totally disappointed at Judith knowing fully well her level of devotion in the church. She has listened to her friends to perform a ritual so that other women would not snatch me away from her. The time is 1pm and our guests should be arriving by 5 pm. I have four hours to make up your mind whether to send her away quietly or expose her in front of our guests. I don’t know what to do,please I need your advice. All This Are Fiction


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