Opinion: 2 Important Lessons To Learn From The Sudden Demise Of Pastor Adeboye’s Son

We were all greeted by the sad and terrible news of Pastor Dare Adeboye’s demise. This surprised many because we never heard anything about ill health on his part but no body has the monopoly or authority to question God. But I believe that his death has a lot of lessons to teach us as people of God.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the lessons we all should learn from the sudden and sad demise of Pastor Dare Adeboye, the son of Pastor, Enoch Adeboye. Just sit tight and enjoy the article while also learning.


1. Straighten Your Way With God; the truth is that, we can always go at any time God decides to call us back or at the appointed time. No matter who you are in this world, never brag and forget that you don’t actually have power over your life, God controls everything and he can always request for your soul at anytime, so ensure you straighten your path with God. Pastor Dare Adeboye was a powerful man of God and so, there is no doubt he has gone to be with his creator but I believe it’s also a lesson for us all.

2. Cherish Your Loved Ones While You Can; the sad demise of the pastor came as shock to many but it’s not strange, it happens. For this singular reason, endeavour to cherish and do everything you can for your loved ones be it your husband, siblings, parents etc. Now that they are still here, this is because no one knows when he or she will leave the world. Quit procrastinating and do the good thing you plan to do for your loved ones already, no one no matter how healthy, controls his or her life.


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