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Opinion: 3 Reasons Why Chidinma May Have Denied Killing The Super TV Boss

Chidinma, the alleged killer of supertv boss, Usifo Ataga has come out to deny killing the man. This denial is coming after she had initially confessed to killing the man under the influence of drugs.

In her statement recently, the 21-year mass communication undergraduate, alleged that she was not the killer of Usifo but rather that she came back and met him in a pool of his blood. She equally hinted that her earlier confession of killing the man was born out of pressure and the unwillingness of people to believe her as at that time.

Her confession has generated many mixed feelings as to the reasons behind her recent revelation. This article discusses some possible reasons why she may have made the recent revelation.

I believe Chidinma may have had access to a lawyer. The lawyer, being more experienced in such cases, may have been the one who told her to go and counter her earlier confession, to make her case easier in court.

The autopsy result may not have equally been hidden from her. The fact that the autopsy revealed that the man was tied, tutored before being killed opens us many possibilities to the murder. So, I believe Chidinma is cashing in on that fact, believing that she could convince the court that she was not actually in the room when the murder took place.

It will be quite unfair to end this discussion without pointing out at the slim possibility that Chidinma may not have killed the man. It is possible, just as she said, that she came back and meet the man dead. The possibility that someone thralled them to the hotel is equally there. This particular possibility, like I said, is quite slim, considering the kind of life the young lady has lived. Equally, looking at her composure at her first interview with press, one can conclude that she is a smooth operator.

So, it is now left to the Nigerian police and other security forces looking into these possibilities to unravel the real culprits in Usifo Ataga’s murder.

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