Opinion: 3 Things You Will Enjoy If You Marry A Female Soldier

Most Nigerian men are scared of engaging themselves into a relationship with the Nigerian female soldiers. But this article shall enlighten you not to fear Nigerian female soldiers, as they are also wife materials. Below are three things you will enjoy if you marry a female soldier.

  1. Protection: Just Like They protect the lives of Civilian, female soldiers would help provide protection for their husbands. Her friends would also help provide protection for you. We might see female soldiers as women not capable of showing love, but providing protection for their husband could be the best way for them to show that they actually care.

  2. Asides the fact they carry guns, they are women and are good cook. They might not have chance to visit kitchen regularly but when they are chanced, they prepared the best meals for their husbands.

  3. They are very respectful and caring. To be honest when a Nigerian female soldier have you as her husband, she loves you unconstitutional and give you the maximum respect that you deserve as the man of the house.

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