Opinion: 3 Ways South East/ Igbos Can Produce Buhari's Successor in 2023 - Mc Ebisco Opinion: 3 Ways South East/ Igbos Can Produce Buhari's Successor in 2023 - Mc Ebisco

Opinion: 3 Ways South East/ Igbos Can Produce Buhari’s Successor in 2023

One of the most debated topics in Nigeria at the moment is the issue of 2023 general elections and who is likely to become president when the second term of President Muhammadu Buhari comes to an end.

The Yorubas are pushing to take over, the North might want to continue but for the sake of equity, the South East deserve to produce the next president.

Since the return of Democracy in 1999, the Presidency has been rotated between the South West and North.

There couldn’t be a better time for Nigeria to have a president of South East extraction especially now that there are debates circling around restructuring.

Below are three things the South East can do to produce the next president:
1. Align with the North

One key fact about politics and elections is that sentiments or emotions do not win elections but rather, population and strategy wins election.

The Northern region remains the most populated region in Nigeria and like we have seen in recent elections, anyone who wins states like Kano, Kaduna, Kebbi, Katsina wins the election.

. If the South East can align with the North and get the support of the North, they might be on their way to producing the next President.
2. Speak with one voice

The saying that “United we stand, divided we fall” is not a myth but a fact that has been proven countless times.

The South East and Igbo nation as a whole must all come together and speak with one voice irrespective of party, political or religious affiliations.
3. Present a Formidable and Youthful Candidate

The agitation for a young, youthful and energetic president has never been this strong. Nigerians are gradually seeing the need to have a young president, the Igbos have a lot of young and accomplished persons that would do well.

They must therefore look deeper and look within and present a candidate that is not just young but sellable.


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