Opinion: 4 Yoruba States That May Not Support Tinubu’s Presidential Bid in 2023 for These Reasons

Despite the political status of the National leader of APC in the southwest, Bola Hamed Tinubu may have a serious issue in harmonizing and mobilizing the region in his favour for his 2023 presidential election.

Although, the former governor of Lagos is yet to officially declare his interest for the top job while the APC has not also concluded the plan to consider him for the ticket. Whatever that is happening currently is just a speculation and mere rumour to create awareness about the project.

However, that Tinubu is interested in running for presidency in 2023 is a gospel fact. That APC will zone its ticket to the South is an incontestable truth. Who will fly the flag is the bone of contention at the moment.

Tinubu is perceived to be one of the leading aspirants from the south to take over from president Muhammadu Buhari in 2023. But there are several winds currently blowing against his soul even from the homefront.


There are states within his region that he may need to conquer first before thinking of conquering the entire Nation if he must occupy the Aso Rock as the next president.

These states may not support his dream if he does not quickly do something before it is too late.

  1. Ekiti State

Although, governor Fayemi of Ekiti state is expected to complete his second term by next year. Fayemi is rumoured to be eyeing the same office Tinubu is planning to contest for.

Fayemi has a bursting network of contact with the northern elites who can either make or mar as far as national politics is concerned. If Fayemi is successfully installed his successor in 2022, it will be a boost for his presidential ambition and he will definitely have Ekiti under his grip ahead of 2023.

Besides, with the current frosty relationship between him and the former governor of Lagos who was once his benefactor, it will be safe for Tinubu to just look away from Ekiti as far as his presidential dream is concerned.

  1. Oyo State

Oyo is a no go area for Tinubu or any APC candidate in 2023 except a miracle happens. Seyi Makinde is still waxing stronger in the state and he controls the opposition party from the southwest as the only PDP governor. He will do everything within his might to deliver the state for the candidate of his party in 2023.

  1. Ondo state

Notwithstanding the fact that Ondo is being governed by APC governor, the people of the state may take their fate in their hand in 2023. It happened in 2019 and same thing may likely repeat itself in 2023.

The people are obviously not happy with Aketi’s government and this may be the opportunity for them to teach him a lesson. The fact that Tinubu will get the support of Akeredolu does not mean he will get the people’s supports. They are more politically sophisticated to be taken for a ride by any politician.

  1. Osun State

Ordinarily, Osun State should have been a walkover for Tinubu in 2023 but because of the rift between Aregbesola and the present governor, Gboyega Oyetola, it may be difficult for Tinubu to sail through.

Don’t forget, Aregbesola had reportedly fallen out politically with his erstwhile godfather, Tinubu and same thing is happening between him and his successor in the State.

As a federal Minister, Aregbesola will definitely deploy the instrumentality of federal might to work for candidate of his choice in 2023 who will obviously not be Tinubu except something happens before then.

Tinubu should do everything possible to begin a charity at home before 2023 if he really wants to have a smooth ride to Aso Rock.

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