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Opinion: 5 Reasons Why Biafra Land Will Suffer If They Secede From Nigeria

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB, is currently campaigning for Biafra’s independence. He has accused the Nigerian government of being the root of the country’s bad governance, insecurity, and terrorism. Olusegun Obasanjo believes that if Nigeria disintegrates, the minority tribes will suffer, and I completely agree with him. Here are some of the reasons why Biafra will suffer if it secedes from Nigeria.

  1. Lack of Foreign investors.

Because Biafra’s population is smaller than that of Nigeria, foreign investors will find it difficult to invest in their country. Nigeria is a great country that it is today because of the number of citizens. That is why Nigeria is one of the top five African countries with the most foreign industries. Biafra will face a lack of foreign investors due to its small population. However, most foreign investors who have invested in Nigeria will most likely be barred from investing in Biafra land. Foreign investors are concerned about the population of a country before making investments.


  1. Biafra will likely have a weak central government.

If all of the southern states are granted Biafra, an internal schism between the south-south and south-east may arise over who controls the oil field. If Biafra’s president is from the southeast, he may find it difficult to maintain complete control over oil revenues. When the south-south begins to make decisions on how to distribute oil revenue, it will spark a conflict between the government and the Niger Delta. This could lead to another insurgency in Biafra land. South-south will most likely agitate for the formation of their own new country from Biafra. A strong government must be capable of controlling all of the country’s resources; when another section controls a specific resource, the government becomes weak.

  1. There will be Hike in food Price.

If Biafra becomes a reality, food prices could skyrocket. This is because the majority of the food consumed in the south is grown in the north. Though most of these crops could still be planted in the South, the North has vast lands, which is why these food crops are produced commercially.

The oil region is in the south-south, their farms are polluted, and they will most likely rely on production from the southeast or north. A rise in food prices will result in hunger and scarcity in Biafra. Before attempting to secede from Nigeria, Biafra should consider this.


  1. Unequal development within states and Boundary disputes

If Biafra is successful, there will be boundary disputes with the North and West. If such disagreements are not resolved, they may lead to invasion or Civil war. However, Biafra will still need to divide the states and form new ones. In this process, unequal development within states could become a major issue, potentially leading to an internal rift. For example, dividing Anambra state so that Onitsha and Nnewi form a new state while the rest form another. The other part of the anambra state will not agree with this division because of the revenue generated by Nnewi and Onitsha will no longer favor them.

  1. Population explosion could hinder Economic development.

The ability of the Igbos to live safely in the north, west, and other parts of the world has contributed to the fact that the south is not overpopulated. If Biafra becomes a reality, many Igbo people living in other parts of the world will return home in search of greener pastures. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The north and west will also migrate south, potentially resulting in a population explosion. Popular towns such as Onitsha, Port Harcourt, and Nnewi will be overcrowded. These cities will spread uncontrollably and result in vast slums.

Please join our hands and help us restore Nigeria’s greatness.

Dividing the country is not the best solution.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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