Opinion: 7 Things I’ll Do If I Were President Muhammadu Buhari In Response To ENDSARS Protest

Since independence in 1960, the Nigerian Police Force has been at the forefront of tackling organised crime in Nigeria with the recent spate of banditry, cultism, drug trafficking, fraud and kidnapping drastically affecting its personnel capacity, leaving a vacuum for SARS members to exploit and commit extra judicial killings.

On 13 October, Mohammed Adamu the Inspector General of Police announced the creation of a new unit the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) to take over the duties of SARS. This move did not satisfy most demonstrators, who expected a substantial overhaul of the police structure. On 14 October, the demonstrations continued with at least ten protestors being killed, and violent clashes occurring between pro-SARS and anti-SARS protesters with the elite Presidential Guard Brigade intervening in the federal capital.

As the heat of the #EndSARS #EndSWAT protests continue to spread across the length and breadth of Nigeria, protesting youths organised a candle night procession for fallen heroes of the protest. Several lives have been lost in the course of making their voices heard during the protest. Some who also lost their lives to police brutality, before the protests were also celebrated.

In series of videos posted on micro-blogging platform, Twitter, concerned Nigerians made of Christians and Muslims were spotted holding lit candles as they pray for all lost souls who fell victim to police brutality in the country. Many are those that have lost their lives through the ongoing protest, killed by the same police officers who are supposed to protect them.

Check Out Names of 50 Protestants That Lost Their Lives During the Protest:

Though the protest is still ongoing, the protestants have held a candle night in memory of the deceased protestants. These innocent souls were killed by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad who were assigned to protect them.

Check out the photos of the candle night:

Here are 7 Things I’ll Do If I Were President Muhammad Buhari In Response To ENDSARS protest:

  1. Sack IG of Police.

  2. Address Nigerians every other day, to give progress report on reforms, and field questions. Yes, make it interactive.

  3. Reconstitute the governing council of the National human rights commission NOW.

  4. Let the trial of indicted or complicit former SARS operatives commence.

  5. Set up a national panel of inquiry that HAS THE BACKING OF THE LAW, to entertain cases of police brutality and to recommend necessary actions. Not the current sham they have proposed to the state governors.

  6. Begin the process of reviewing police salary, welfare package and retraining.

  7. Initiate the process for restructuring the nation (propose the necessary constitutional amendment to enable it).

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