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OPINION; What Buhari Should Do To Those That Participated In The PROTEST Without Forgiveness

Sometimes life is something that should be taken with easy care, but don’t you think we should consider the other way round? There are many situations in which people do some sorts of things without even considering the repercussions. Well, there is no doubt that the ENDSARS protest is one of the most rumoured news flying around the whole Nigerian and the world. It is even known that there are many protesters in abroad protesting against police brutalities in Nigeria.

End SARS or EndSARS is a decentralised social movement and series of mass protests against police brutality in Nigeria. I believe we all read the definition well, the definition did not say a centralized social movement to kill people, destroy and damage the properties of our co citizen.

This was done by some of the protesters after claiming the SARS organization were involved in unlawful deeds like harassments, bribery, kidnapping , murder, theft, rape, torture, unlawful arrests , humiliation, unlawful detention, extrajudicial killings and extortion of Nigerian citizens.


Many people including the youths have misused this opportunity of protesting by engaging in many bad things. Imagine the ENDSARS protesters attacking GT bank in Lagos, isn’t that unfair?

The inscription “ENDSARS should not be a bad organization and I think those protesters should not go just like that, leaving all stone unturned by our president, Muhammadu Buhari. Here in this article, be thankful that you are part of the readers reading this.

It was observed that not all of the protesters engaged in destruction of the citizen’s properties. So those that involved in the bad things should be arrested and make them face the law of this great country. If it is to sentenced them to prison, Buhari should not hesitate to do so. Also for those that did not engage in bad things, the president should hear them out and provide solutions to the problems.

That is what should be done by the Nigeria president Buhari. And believe this, if all these is done, there is no way the country will not move forward.

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