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Opinion: How Can End SARS Protest Violate COVID-19 Guidelines And Political Rallies Are Exonerated?

He who must come to equity must come with clean hands! This is a practice we often lack in this part of the world as laws are often made to favour some group while it hunts and hurt some other group.

How can the Government acusse the “End SARS” protesters of violating the COVID-19 guidelines where as Political rallies are exonerated in the same environment/ nation? How do we justify such under a democratic setting or environment?

It is no more news that the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Security Committee just announced a ban on all End SARS street protest, demonstration and procession within Abuja, on the ground that such activities violates the COVID-19 guidelines regulating public gathering.

Yes, it is true that such violates the COVID-19 guidelines and health practices towards eliminating the deadly virus. But the question is, why did the Government permit Political rallies to hold in particular s of the country amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

For instance, the recent Governorship elections in Delta State and Ondo State witnessed various large gathering prior to the elections as Political parties campaigned for their various candidates. During the period, nothing was mentioned about the violation of the Corona Virus health guidelines, and suddenly, it has become an offence on the part of the End SARS protesters.

Such system of governance is what makes people question the seriousness and sincerity of their leaders. Does it mean that some persons are above the law or that the law are meant for a particular group of the citizens? If truly we desire to grow like other great nations of the world, our laws must be above every body regardless of social class.

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