Opinion: Check The Mistake That Lampard Corrected In Yesterday’s Match That Made Havertz To Score

During the break the transfer window, Chelsea bought some player’s to help them contend for the league and the champions league. Timo Werner and Havertz were among the players that Chelsea bought this season to strengthen their squad. Among all the players that Chelsea signed, Havertz was the highest, and due to his price tag, fans were hoping that he will start scoring goals and providing assists.

After his first match for Chelsea, Havertz was heavily criticised for his performance. He was sub in the 79th minutes of that game. He second match for Chelsea was with Liverpool, he didn’t play as expected, fans were begining to question his ability, they expected better from him.

Yesterday, Havertz did not only open his goalscoring account for the club, but also registered a hat trick in his third match for the club. The match ended 6-0, and Havertz was given the match ball due to his performance.

Now, there was something that Lampard have being doing wrong in the first two match. His formation is doesn’t fit Havertz, and that’s why he was not showing us the abilities that he displayed in the Bundesliga. In the first match, Lampard played Havertz as a winger, and he suffered in the position. In the second match against Chelsea, this time he didn’t not play in the wing, but decided to use him as a false Nine along with Timo Werner. And at half Time, he was subbed because he wasn’t performing as expected.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. In yesterday’s match, Lampard now corrected his mistakes, and played Havertz in his rightful position. Havertz played the number 10 role in yesterday’s match, and you could see how he was able to destroy the opposition, and gave us a glimpse of what he can do this season.

If Lampard continues to play Havertz in the Number 10 role, then he will surely be a nightmare to many defenders.

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