OPINION: A Girl That Does These 3 Things Is Secretly In Love With You

A girl who secretly loves you will do such acts that will reveal that she is secretly in love with you. She’ll give you any signals that she cares for you. She would not tell you that she loves you because no girl wants to seem desperate.

If a girl is secretly in love with you, she would do one of three things.

  1. The girl informs you that she had a dream last night about you:

A girl who cares for you will find a way to hint at her feelings for you. If a girl says she dreamed of you, she might be implying that she is dreaming of you and wants to make you feel special.

  1. When you speak unfairly to a child, she cries:

Since your words are so important to her, she cries if you speak harshly to her. She holds you in high regard and dislikes it when you speak harshly to her because she loves you. Don’t be blunt with her, just keep your comments to a minimum.


Any girl who does this is genuinely interested in you, and she would be grateful if you compliment her.

  1. The girl phones at 2 a.m. just to hear your voice:

A girl who would give up her sleep to hear your voice is seriously interested in you. It means she holds you in high regard and is considering you. You both bring her love and make her proud. This demonstrates that she loves you but is unsure how to do it.

If you’ve seen these signals and are serious about having her as your girlfriend, now is the time to act.

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