Opinion: If A Girl Behaves In These 3 Ways, Then She Is Probably In Love With You

(A girl in love)

Today let’s talk about the woman but not just any woman, the woman in love. So how do we know that a woman loves us deeply? Or how do you know she’s starting to like us? Several people or better to respect the standards, several men do not manage to feel this stimulating desire which the woman gives off. When a woman loves them, they manage to scare her away because a misunderstood woman feels frustrated and humiliated.

Remember that in the olden days, women did not have the right or even the ability to flirt with a man, and remained more than silent without showing anything while waiting for fate. And, if he played in their favor, so much the better, otherwise we live with it forever.

But nowadays, several gestures make it possible to be able to know it so as not to miss out on a true love story; who knows, the Romeo and Juliet of our generation may appear after reading this article.


Let’s just recap by saying that the woman will never come DIRECTLY to confess her love to you because she will think she is an easy prey with whom you can play when you are in need of human warmth.

As a result, she will impose a new character on you that you will have to analyze in particular her behavior.

1) First, if there was already communication between you, she will stop writing to you and responding to you promptly.

Indeed, a woman in love directly says to herself that you manage to perceive what she is or what she feels for you. So, to keep you from taking it for granted; it will leave you with a void like a disinterest …

2) Then, she will avoid you by all means. And, even if it happens in spite of herself, she will still avoid that you only stay two (2) in a secluded place. She preferred to be lonely rather than be in your company.

Notice the good, a woman in love can hardly see even very very very very difficult to resist her impulses and her feelings and emotions in front of the one whom her heart has chosen. Therefore, she will in any case avoid you as much as possible.

3) Finally, even if the first two do not already seem clear to you, she will call you from now on by your first name (Eric).

Just know that women of our time love sweet words especially when it comes to their friend. Therefore, depending on the bond or the reality of the existing relational system, she will call you suddenly by your first name because she would have shown you signs of love and romance which you pretended not to see. And when we usually get to this stage, hatred is not far off.

Just remember that from love to hate there is only one step. The woman is that being who desires to have what she wants when she wants it (even if it is not always good and she knows that she will regret it later). And, when she doesn’t have it, it can turn deadly for you and she might hate you for life and make your life more than impossible.

In the very near future we will talk about the behavior to adopt especially for boys (men) when you see these signs appearing.

Now you know more or less what to do. So activate your degree of observation like a good geographer and especially that GOD keep you and your families.

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