Opinion: I’m Always Unlucky On Finding Love I’m Even Tired Now Of Looking For A Man, Please Help Me

I’m really heart broken inside me. I have been looking for a man who can love me for a long time I have no luck. Every one I meet they just hit and run .I don’t know if I’m the problem or my body got a problem. I’m really a loving person but sometimes I don’t understand. Maybe I have something I don’t know which make boys run away from me. I did try not to allow them to hit me but I can’t. I’m weak I just give them everything easily. I truly need a prayer right now .

I don’t have lot of money but I can surely take good care of my self. I got my own apartment and car. I don’t have a child but I wish to have one soon. Please I’m growing up .people always think that I’m joking when I say I need a bad but I’m not. I know when people look at my body they think I’m happy but no I’m not happy. My love life is really complicated and not promising. One day I wish to get married too and have a family.

Please show your self if you can be that man of my dreams. Please comment below allow me to notice you. It’s really hard out there. Please follow this page for more of my stories and problems.


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