Opinion: I’m The Thickest Girl Ever No One Can Be Compared To Me A Lady Brags See Why She Brags

The world is full of different types of girls but thick girls are best to many Man.

Man do like Mostly thick girls as they provide warmth and majority of then has true love.
Tips on how to make a thick girl love you forever

  1. Emotional Support

Woman are emotional people at times.

Your lady needs more of your support mostly during pregnancy.

Some Man leave their partners in pains during pregnancy and say they gonna watch a game with friends. When the poor lady got miscarriage the Man calls the lady with names saying “she’s a good for nothing” forgetting that they never gave help when in pain.

Stay with her in all good or bad situations love her unconditionally.

*Be a Romantic Partner

Take her out when tension is high at home.

To refresh more on your minds and come back forgiving each other to move forward.

Bring her flowers to cheer up her day when back from work .

So that she’ll get bored when other Man do wanna talk to her.

Make her love you and love you only.

Bring her chocolate she’ll appreciate chosen her as your lover make her feel it.

Upcoming Valentine day need a Romantic Partner with so much love to show her lady

This are the type of girls one can spend much money on.


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