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OPINION: The Incident That Occurred To Oba Of Lagos Can Never Be Tried With These 3 Kings In Nigeria

All over the world the kings and the monarch are well respected people in the history of Africa. They are said to the second gods due to their secrecy and also have authority to give out commands without any question.

We are meant to understand that kings ad monarchs are set to be powerful individuals with high influence in their territory. With this some kings are still respected as such, but some have put their hands in the soup of corruption.

Due to the surprise things that happened with the Oba of Lagos, as some hoodlums carted away with the Oba’s staff of authority. Disrespecting the personality of the monarch.

It was quite shameful and embarrassing for Hoodlum to storm into the place of the King of Lagos and commit such abomination.


Below are kings that still have their integrity and remain well respected.

1. Ooni Of Ife

It is said in the history of Yoruba that ile-ife is the home of all traditions and deities. There were so many sacred places in ile-ife that only those that have the right can go there. He is also a king of dignity.

2. Oba of Benin

He is known as king of great authority and he is well respected by his subjects as is regarded as a god. He is a real definition of royalty.

3. Alaafin of Oyo

He is known as a father of Yoruba descendants, as he is well respected in the Yoruba land. What he says in the land stands, because he is also seen as a God.

All these kings stated above are considered as gods and have always demonstrated their loyal way of ruling and how kings suppose to rule.

Thanks for your time. Do STAY SAFE

Do you think the incident that happened to Oba of Lagos can also happen to this mentioned kings?

Do your have other kings like those mentioned above?

Kindly drop your opinion in the comment box.

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