OPINION: How To Know A Fake Lover And A Genuine Lover. Take Note Of These Things

A genuine lover is a source of happiness, prosperity and trustworthy. The fake lover can cause recurring frustrations, unfaithfulness and heartbreak which finally leads to divorce and depression.

Some of the things you will note of the two types of lovers are as discussed below. A Genuine lover will always support you in all aspects and is happy to see you grow financially, economically as well as socially. A genuine lover will respect you, listen to you and is ready to learn new things from your opinions without any resistance. She’ll be ready to sacrifice her time to be with you however busy she might be with her chores.

On the other hand, a fake lover will only mind her own happiness in any relationship. She is after benefiting from love and can only take care of issues that favor her or are of more importance to her. Such a fake lover is not ready to work hard for mutual responsibilities in a relationship and will always go for the shortcuts to proper alone while she watches you become a beggar of love from her.

The genuine lover will remain faithful to you no matter the distance that separates the relationship. She will not change her mind and move on to another new relationship no matter how long you take to meet. A genuine lover is loyal, submissive and obedient. She’s ready to serve you without questioning. She’ll work hard to sustain herself and need little support from you.


A fake lover will keep pretending that she cares about you but will soon get attached to someone else if you stay far from her. She’ll occasionally make calls to blindfold you so that you won’t suspect her unfaithfulness. She’ll keep requesting money urgently for her upkeep and to spend the rest with others. She’ll get angry with you if you become bankrupt.

To differentiate between a fake lover and a genuine lover, keenly see their respective characters and decide early enough. This will help you live longer and happier without any heartbreak. Comment your opinion.

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