Opinion: Major Reasons Muslim Women Prefer To Marry Christian Men Nowadays

In the past, particularly here in my country of Nigeria, we believed the marriage of a Christian men to Muslim women was unjust, illegal and against Islamic convictions.

But now, it seems that our eyes have opened, now we see a Muslim family that allows their sons to marry the Christian men, now that we see marriages as an institution that does not have to be based on religious faith.

Although many changes and sacrifices are required for the marriage to work, but they do, it is an important decision in life to choose a life partner.

Marriage is an institution formed by God on the basis of love, peace of mind and the cornerstone of the continuity of marriage.

It is meant to be enjoyed, peaceful without regret. For this reason. To be frank with you, many married people hope or want to be alone again so that they can choose again.

You can enjoy it forever if you decide correctly, but if you make a mistake, it can affect some other part of your life. This is a very important subject.

So why are Muslim women preferring Christian men to Muslim men in marriage now?

This is just an example

In my humble opinion, these are the reasons, read freely, to learn the truth

  1. As we all know, as a Muslim, you can marry as many women as you want, if you are promised enough cash to meet your needs. Fear Of Polygamous Home

However, Christians do not promote or celebrate a man who marries more than a woman. While some Christians have married more than one wife, it’s not normal.

That is why our Muslim ladies prefer Christian men today, because their husbands are not prepared to share with women and they are not ready to fight polygamous battles.

  1. Christian Men Know How To Treat Women Well, every woman’s dream of marrying a husband as a mate, a lover, a husband who takes him out, speaks of love and more.

However, you will feel sorry for the lady if you see how some Muslim men treat their wives, especially those in my region.

They love this mindset in Africa; they see their elves as a half-god who needs their women to worship them.

  1. When it comes to romance, Christian men are the best – marriage is more than sleeping, bearing children and falling food. Often in a relationship, women want their husbands to make them feel unique.

Therefore, Muslim women favor Christian men in this regard. You think they’re best half, better soul mate and a friend.

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