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OPINION MATTERS: In A Time As This, Which Nigerian Head Of State Would You Wish For?

Good morning everyone, I welcome you all to this page today the 29th of October, 2020. Please if you haven’t being following this page, I urge you guys to press the button at the top so you won’t miss out on vital information and interesting news. Today we are going to be talking about what Davido posted on his Twitter handle that got Nigerians talking.

Popular Nigeria artist known as Davido A.K.A “OBO” recently shared his grievances on his Twitter handle concerning the anarchy and chaos in the country and this has stirred up reactions from angry Nigerians who also try to speak about the incident which occurred I the country.

According to the picture above he said “it is painful that what started as a peaceful protest has been hijacked and turned into complete Anarchy. In total disrespect to those that lost their lives during the peaceful protest. This def not the way to honour those that lost their lives while protesting Peacefully.


However, this statement has stirred up the internet, causing Nigerians to speak concerning the event that occurred in the country.

As patriotic Nigerian drop a message for president Muhammadu Buhari.

USE THE COMMENT box to speak concerning this and the incident you experienced during the cause of the protest.

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