OPINION: Meet Lulu, The Woman Of Every Man’s Dreams.

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I am well aware that different men has different definitions & standards of beauty. However, I strongly believe Lulu fits into any man’s definition & standards of beauty. Here is why!

  1. She has a great body.

As you can see she is thick and in my experience thick women are alot of men’s weakness. Almost every man wisjes to have a woman whose lower and upper bodies compliments each other. Lulu already has that.

A mere glimpse at her backside amd lower bidy is enough to make any man fall in love.

  1. She is pretty.

Personally i believe Lulu is among the prettiest black woman one will ever find. She is dark, pretty & proud. You can easily tell that through her daily selfie updates and her Instagram live videos.

  1. She is polite.

Men loves polite women because they believe a polite woman is capable of being a respectful woman. Incase you are wondering, I concluded Lulu a polite lady after I closesly exemimed how she interacts with her online fans across all her social media accounts. Despite having over 100K Instagram followers, Lulu is still polite and respectful.

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