OPINION: Meet The Only Man That Can Stand Against Tinubu For 2023 Presidency

The 2023 presidential election is knocking already. The independent electoral commission has already announced the date some days ago. Some politicians In Nigeria has been showing us the light already that they are contesting.

One of them is actually Asiwaju Bola Hammed Tinubu. He is a powerful politician in Nigeria and he belongs to APC party.

But there is only one man that can stand against him for 2023 presidency. Here is the name of the man.

Dr Goodluck Jonathan:

Goodluck Jonathan is the only man that can stand against Tinubu for 2023 presidency. Even some sects in the Northern part of Nigeria are clamouring that Goodluck Jonathan Should contest for presidential election. Jonathan has a lot of support. This will give him an edge over Tinubu

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