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Opinion: As From Monday, All Banks, Roads, Churches, Mosques, And Schools Should Be Closed By Buhari

For the past few weeks or even months, the cases of Covid-19 keep increasing and people seem not to care about it anymore. Early February, the Federal government took necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the diseases.

According to this writer, all banks, roads, churches, mosques, and schools should be closed by Buhari as from monday due to certain circumstances which I will discuss below.

The effect of the virus should not be underestimated and neccesary precautions should be taken by people. As at today, 67,220 cases have been confirmed with 62,686 discharged patients, totalling 1,171 death patients. Therefore, all economic activities should be closed by Buhari as the cases of the virus keep increasing per day.

If the government count the virus as a minor matter, there is big probability that the virus will spread to a larger amount of citizens which won’t be good. Never forget that prevention is better than cure. If we can also follow the guidelines against Covid 19 spread, I believe the virus will be defeated and no cases will be heard of again.

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