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Opinion: If This NCDC Officer Was Dismissed For Taking Palliatives, These Soldiers Too Should Go.

After the series of looting caused by the end SARS protest, people have continually come up with pictures and short videos they made on their own during or after the incidences. Making away with covid-19 palliatives have caused an uproar among the people. While some people stand that looting is an act of stealing and unjustifiable, others think it’s a time to get their own cut of the national cake.

First covid-19 palliative warehouses invasion was at Lagos State and some other states copied them. The warehouses were broken into by the youths and it gave ruse to people having an access. Videos made their rounds on social medias and among them were soldiers in uniform in a vehicle labelled OP MESA. There were bags of food items loaded in their vehicle.

The vehicles were two at the venue as can be seen in the pictures below.


No one ever heard of their dismissal or sanction. They obviously went Scot free.

In Abuja however, an NCDC Officer was seen on video when he coded his actions and smartly moved off with his own share of palliatives. News now holds it that he has been dismissed from service. This is an unequal treatment. If the NCDC Officer was found guilty of any any offence, then the soldiers in the picture above are also guilty and they too should go. If the soldiers are free, then, this NCDC Officer should be free too.

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