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Opinion: The Northerners Should Ask Buhari These Two Things Instead of Telling Him To Resign

The recent killing of 43 Farmers in Borno State has instigated some Nigerians to demand the prompt resignation of President Buhari.

This agitation was made yesterday after the United Nations claimed that 110 farmers were killed by suspected Boko Haram insurgents in the Zabarmari community, Borno State.

Don’t forget that Nigerians had already been traumatized for months from the recent effect of Covid 19 which has brought economic hardship in Nigeria.

The recent increase in Fuel and Electricity Prices together with the level of insecurity in Nigeria is now worrisome to the citizens of Nigeria most especially Northern Nigeria.

For the past few months, several appeals have been made to President Buhari on the need to change his service chiefs if he finds them wanting in their job or duty to protect the citizens of Nigeria.

But going by the recent response of the Minister of information, Mr. Lai Mohammed, one will agree to the fact that terrorists do have a strong financial backup from the global community and they are extremist in their thought to achieve just anything they want to achieve by all means.

Though the Present-day government has been trying its best to curb the effect of terrorism in Nigeria the fact remains that the activities of terrorists can only be reduced to the barest minimum in a country but cannot be wiped out at once. Terrorism just like Cultism cannot be quickly eradicated once it has gained a big wing in an area or a country.

But yet something has to be done because Nigerians cannot avoid continuing losing her citizen to the cold hand of death brought by the wicked killings of terrorist groups in Nigeria most especially the incessant killings that have rocked the Northern region.

To find a lasting solution to this menace, Northern Nigeria Should Ask President Buhari These Two Things Instead Of Asking Him To Resign

  1. Restructuring

Someone has said that there are one thousand and one solutions to a problem. If President Buhari refuses to change his service chiefs based on some reason best known to him then the issue of insurgent can be handled through restructuring and other means in Nigeria.

What is Restructuring?

Restructuring is the devolution of power in which more responsibilities are given to the states.

The Federal Government and Northern Nigeria must know that the problem of each region is different from each other. If there is restructuring, each region will be able to face the problem of his or her region squarely without depending too much on the Federal Government.

To buttress my point, recently the newly established Western Nigeria Security Network, Amotekun rescued the kidnapped wife of the Chief of Staff to Ondo State Governor, Chief Olugbenga Ale.

Amotekun which is a local security network was able to achieve the needful on time because they are familiar with the nooks and crannies of their area. If Restructuring takes place, Northern Nigeria will have a free hand and resources to look inward to find a lasting means of ending terrorism in the region without depending too much the on Federal Government or the Nigerian Army.

  1. Federal Government Should Seek The Support Of Developed Countries To End The Issue Of Terrorism In Northern Nigeria

Since the issue of Terrorism is a global issue, the Federal Government of Nigeria on behalf of Northern Nigeria should seek the support of the developed countries to assist Northern Nigeria to put a lasting measure to the problem of insecurity in the area. The Federal Government should also give a free hand to neighboring countries that are ready to assist in the fight against terrorism in the Northern region.

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