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Opinion: One Day God Will Answer My Prayers And l Will Find Partner As Well.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me because I’ve never been in a serious relationship before.

Every relationship i get into is just for temporary because most of the time i date with people those have partners. I end up dating them because i don’t find the real one meant for me only.

But I’ve since i almost died because of dating with a man who got wife I’ve stopped dating with them.

But this has never been easy to me at all, knowing that every day i have to go to bed alone with no one expecting me there.

During the day things are better because i can socialize with people but when sun go to rest and is time for me to face my room alone, does not easy at all.

Waking up on the empty bed with no one blocks you when you roll on bed, the bed turn into something very big especially when your alone and night be long.

My wish is to find man who will love me an my children, i have two kids one boy and other one is girl. My first born have 6 years and other one got 3 years.
Please if there is any help or advice for me I’m truly in need for it. I will be more happy if you could share this to others.


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