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OPINION: His Parent Should Be Arrested For Negligence, And Here Is How The Boy Should Be PunishedOPINION: His Parent Should Be Arrested For Negligence, And Here Is How The Boy Should Be Punished

While Desmond Elliot still suffers backlashes due to his statements about the social media users on live TV, the shocking news of an 11 year old boy arrested by police emerges.

The boy who was reportedly one of the hoodlums that attacked police stations was arrested by police, however not only for being part of the hoodlums causing vandalism, but also for wearing an IGP uniform, and declaring himself the IGP.

First of all, why would police arrest this boy, and leave his parent alone when obviously kids follows the steps their parents teaches them. An 11 year old colluding with group of hoodlums to cause violence, and vandalism should be an heartbreak to all the good parents.


As obvious as it seems, this boy was totally neglected by his parent judging by how he wore the IGP uniform, brags about till he was caught, it’s quite unbelievable nobody calls the attention of the boy to the wrong thing he was doing that he probably believed to be right.

In my opinion, his parent are the cause of his predicament, they should be arrested for neglecting this young boy which resulted to him committing crime at a very young age.

However, the boy also did something wrong, so he should be punished. In my opinion, the best punishment to give the boy is taking him away from his parent, re-orientate him, and he should be sent to school under proper care of able guardians, so that the boy would be taught what’s wrong, and what’s right.

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