Opinion: Parents Be Careful, See Some Alleged Reasons Why This 15 Years Old Girl Looks 26

Meet Anele Madonsela a 15-year-old teenager from the city of Durban in Kwazulu Natal. She recently shared her experience through her social media platform and seeks help. This is a summary of what she wrote on her social media page:

“I grew up having a always having a big body ever since I was born, and at an early stage, when I was just nine (9), I started experiencing some changes due to puberty which got my parents really suspicious. One very day my moother came to me, in other to investigate the certain changes she noticed, but I was still little and had no idea of what was happening to me. I I told her I didn’t know, out of fear of been kicked out of the house if they eventually figure out the truth.”

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Anele went explaining, that at a very tender age of 10 her elder sister who was into prostitution for a long time, introduced her to the business, and on different occasions she was taken to different flats where she had her exploits with multiple men just in exchange for money. Anele admitted, that she never liked the idea, but ended up enjoying it since it brough her money.

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She continued; “ Some few years later , I decided to consulted my sister and asked if she had an idea of what was wrong with my body, and she surprisingly admitted, informing me that my condition was as a result of having many intimate affairs with multiple men” she added. According to Anele, she has for some days now noticed a series of unhealthy changes in her body, feeling sick, vomiting, some chest pains and abdominal pains and also nausea. She is very scared and added that she might be pregnant and doesn’t even have an idea of who the father of her child might be. She is seeking advice from any possible source on what step to take next.

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