OPINION: PDP Will Be Formidable If They Make These 2 Men Their Candidates For 2023 Presidency

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It will be 8 years by 2023 after the PDP, a democratic popular political party, lost the presidential election in 2015 and shifted power back to the all-party progressive APC. They have worked hard since then to get the Presidency back. In 2019 it was close, but many Nigerians still have APC ‘s goodwill and confidence, hence their support.


Due to the country ‘s current economic condition, due to some of its ineffective campaign promises, not many Nigerians still believe the APC slogan of “change.”READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

However, although there may be a logical explanation of why the APC did not achieve everything it promised to the Nigerians before it came to office, many Nigeriaans may have not been patient enough to give the Nigerian presidency another shot in 2023. The PDP election in Edo was an insight into how things will happen in 2023.

While the PDP might seem to have a better chance of winning the 2023 presidential election, the two men of APC Atiku Abubakar and Nyesom Wike are surely to improve their parties, otherwise their winning chance could be endangered if APC selects a strong candidate like Bola Tinubus as its candidate.

Atiku and Peter Obi previously seemed the strongest PDP presidency pairing. However, it would be better for PDP to tweak its former strategy by choosing a northerner and a different oriental candidate for 2023 as their leader, and because of its ubiquitous nature and powerful political presence in the east, Wike will be Atiku ‘s best running mate.

In addition, from past (2019) election results which APC won by 55.6% to PDP by 41%, it became obvious that many Nigerians believed in Atiku (PDP), and now that APC seems to have little support from the Nigerians, Atiku (PDP) will receive massive support before 2023 and will be an excellent candidate.


While Nyesom Wike will receive massive eastern support, Atiku Abubakar will receive massive support from both the North and Southwest regions, which is why not only is the best strategy for PDP, this combination of Atiku-Wike will formidable ahead of the presidential presidency in 2023.

This is because there are hardly any combination of presidential candidates who have the power that Atiku and Wike now have.

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