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Opinion: Protesters Should Lay Siege At The National Assembly Rather Than Blocking Passersby

Today is another beautiful day, I welcome you all again as you read through this opinion article of mine. The ongoing protest in the country has caused a lot of worrisome to some people and the same time, some people see it as the best way to outcry their wants to the government. However, either way, the government is a government for all, and it’s expected of them to act accordingly towards the demand of the protesters.

However, it’s time protesters starts to take the bull by it horn so that it won’t bounce back and make them to look as if they’ve done bad when things starts to unfolds. The best focal point the protest can yield more productive resort is when the protesters lay siege on the National Assembly. This ongoing protest, to me is now far beyond the “End SARS” protest but now generally on the ills the government has shown to the people they are representing.

Funds are being diverted to sectors that are of least important compared to other sectors. And for this to be properly looked into, the National Assembly are the law makers, they are the one who make laws and endorses budget submitted by the president. With the power that resides in the National Assembly, if their allowances are being cut and divert some of their funds to other sectors that need more funds, like the education, health sector, then the National Assembly would be left with no other choice than to look keenly into other sectors and revamp them sporadically.

Remaining on the street till Nigeria gets better is never an option because Nigeria can not be better overnight. And rather than blocking the road, they power should be shifted to the national assembly so as for the protest to gain more weight.

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