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OPINION: Reasons Why The Bola Tinubu 69-Year-Old Age Declaration Might Be True

Recently, Jagaban, the person of Bola Ahmed Tinubu has claimed that he is 69 years old and his age declaration has been questioned by many Nigerians. Bola Tinubu who happens to be All Progressives Congress National Leader has been rumored to be a 2023 presidential candidate under the APC.

Although he is yet to say it out officially, many of his actions have indicated it, like the sharing of branded rice with a written tag on it “Jagaban” in some part of Northern Nigeria, and it was also reported that he shared money to traders during the burnt market in Katsina State. Following up on these updates, many have concluded that he has an interest in becoming a presidential aspirant for 2023.


Also, his age controversial has suggested it as many believe that he reduced his age just to buy the mind of Nigerians so that he can be accepted as someone fit to run for the presidency come 2023. However, this could also be true for so many reasons even if recent photos of him show otherwise.

Age they say is just a number and many at times, your age might not truly reflect your body stature or structure. Some people look older at a young age while some older people look younger at an older age. It all depends on the situation of the person. However, here below are some of the reasons why the Tinubu 69-year-old age declaration might be true.

  1. Genetics Structure

Some people’s genes make them look younger and this depends on their family lineage or parents involved. Genes are hereditary and passed from parents to children. This could be the case of Tinubu looking older than his age.


  1. Stress

Tinubu has been in politics for years, he was a former Governor and senator and is still fully involved in politics. Stress induces aging when not properly managed and the stress of holding a notable position in the country could cause him to age older when compared to his age.

These could be the reasons why his age declaration of being 69-year-old might be true despite the photos showing otherwise.

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