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Opinion: Should I Stop Going To Church?. This Is What I Saw In The Bible That Made Me Cry

My parents are athletes, never believed in religion or the Bible. I just became a Christian when I left my parent’s house in Lagos with my aunt. My aunt, though, is a dedicated Christian. She misses no Sunday worship. She actually loved the Bible, and subsequently I became a born-again Christian. But what I saw in the Bible made me cry.

One faithful day, I read and scan through the Bible in quest of new verses that can improve my spiritual life. Suddenly, I found a certain Bible verse that made me cry. I almost lost religion, and I’m still thinking if I’d quit attending to church as a woman. I saw this verse, 1 Corinthians 15, 34-35.


The Bible is a holy book. It was employed many years ago, and happily it acquired traction worldwide. Every day, many read the Bible only to know more about God, while others study the Bible to enhance their spiritual lives. The Bible still has some things you’ll read and have misgivings, some will even make you shed tears.

From my point of view, I comprehend from that Bible scripture.

  1. Women may not be needed in meetings.

Women are also human beings and should be allowed in any meeting or setting. They should be allowed to speak, because we also have viewpoints. We don’t need our husbands to speak. If you understand what the Bible verse tried to portray, please let us know about the comment area.


  1. Women should not speak in the house of God.

I’m perplexed about all this. As I indicated earlier, I and my aunt are dedicated Christians, and we adore the Bible. Is their reason we shouldn’t talk in church?

  1. Women should allow their husbands to speak for them.

Since we cannot speak in God’s house, we should allow our husbands to speak for us. I don’t have a husband, what should I do?

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