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OPINION: Three Things Everyone In South-East Should Avoid On 12th June

The South-East region of Nigeria is now looking like a war zone due to the activities of unknown gunmen. Many persons have lost their lives to stray bullets from both the army and criminals in the region.

Due to the high level of insecurity in the South-East, security personnel were deployed to the region to help curb the activities of armed men causing unrest in the five eastern states.


Some persons who aren’t happy with president Mohammadu Buhari have arranged for a mega protest on the 12th of June, 2021. However, the government of Nigeria have kicked against any form of protest on the said date, as it might destabilize the country.

The army and all other security personnel in South-East will be on high alert on Saturday to make sure unknown gunmen don’t take advantage of the day to attack police stations and burn down government properties.

Everyone in South-East should avoid these three things on the 12th of June, 2021.


  1. Do not put on a complete black outfit

Most of the attacks on Police stations in South-East were perpetrated by men in black outfit. Please do not go out on Saturday wearing a complete black outfit so security personnel don’t think you’re one of the people attacking police stations in the region.

  1. Do not join any protest

South-East isn’t safe to stage any form of protest, you might get caught in a crossfire between military men and criminals in the region.

Criminals might take advantage of any large gathering on Saturday to carry out their evil act, stay away from any form of protest.

  1. Don’t argue with security personnel on Saturday

If men in uniform are carrying out security checks in your area and they need your assistance to help fish out criminals, please comply with them. Trying to talk back at them or argue will make you look like an accomplice.

Many persons have lost their lives because they failed to follow simple instructions.

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