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Opinion: Two Steps Buhari Must Take Urgently As Popular Anonymous Hacks CBN Website

This grandma is showing us that age doesn’t matter in terms of slaying as well as you get money to enjoy your life. She’s even holding iPhone and smoking cigarette.

What are your thoughts on this? Kindly express your opinion in the comment section below. The word ” EndSARS” was thought to have first appeared in the year 2018 but didn’t last long when it died down like that. The Issue has been resurrected again and it seems it has come to stay in Nigeria.

A SARS officer

Apart From blocking major roads in Nigeria, there are other mind blowing activities going on with the protests. Lost phones are being returned to the owners at Alausa, people are rebuilding Nigeria by staying as one Nigeria.


While others are doing these, someone who claims to be Anonymous on Twitter has taken his own protest to another level as he hacks the Central Bank of Nigeria website.

Twitter Fact

He was the one who hacked Nigeria Police Force, NBC and now the CBN. If this continues, we can find ourselves in a lawless state. President Muhammadu Buhari should take note of the two Steps:

Osinbajo and Buhari


Buhari should meet with the youths to know their minds. He must come out to address Nigerians urgently. There is no one to rely on. Buhari must come to console us.

Osinbajo, Buhari and IGP

President Muhammadu Buhari should not use force on any protesters even if they are coming to the Aso Rock, hacking the whole system.


What can you say about EndSARS protesters?

What lesson has it taught you?

Share your views!

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