Opinion: Why The Woman Who Announced About Her Husband Deflowering Her Is Wrong

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A lady took to her social media page to announce about how she waited for so long, and how she kept herself untouched until her wedding night. This news has been circulating on the internet.

A lot of people have shared their opinion on it.

To me, I feel the public announcement made by the woman wasn’t necessary at all. There are some things that are better left unsaid, or maybe kept private.

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Coming to social media to announce how you kept yourself till wedding night might not really be the best thing to do.

The lady didn’t just do that. She went as far as posting the blood that came out after she had her first love-making with her husband during their honeymoon.

That was, in fact, uncalled for. Announcing to the public that she kept herself till her wedding night might not even be a big deal, but why should anyone post the picture of the blood that came out of them after having their first love-making?

Well, in my opinion, I feel this lady should just keep this whole thing to herself.

It looks as if she is trying to prove something to people, which to me, I feel is unnecessary.


In her post, she said that for those who castigated her and doubted her, they can all rest now.

She also said that she had past lovers who tried to force themselves on her, even when she wasn’t ready.

She then praised her husband, who she claimed waited four years for her without touching her.

From these statements she made, it seems like a lot of people doubted her. So, she is trying to prove to them that she is not who they thought she was.

Well, keeping yourself till the wedding night is good, but coming online to announce it and even post your blood as a proof might be too much.

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