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I Was Ordered To Stomach The Fact That My Husband Second Wife Was To Live With Me And My Husband Under The Same Roof

Everybody knows how fragile most marriages are at times. At one given point, people have witnessed couples drift apart and others go as far as hating one another. However every couples do not have to posses a wisdom of an elderly to understand that your husband might one day bring a second wife into your own roof.

My husband and I began to have problems in our marriage after he found out that I had a son outside our marriage. He begun to complain about providing for a child who wasn’t his. To him the idea of taking care of a son who was not his wasn’t right.

For a very long time, we argued alot infront of our children and our neighbours. In every fight he would threaten to do something so bad and referred to my son as a bastard child. I tried to avoid all these arguments because it was not healthy for our children, but he could not stop at any cost.

One day I left the house to visit my sick sister in Athi River and when I came back home, I found a strange woman folding my husband’s clothes and organizing them inside the closet. At first I thought that he was brave enough to have thought of hiring an helper to help me out with the house chores but then when I asked him who she was he replied confidently, ” The girl you’ve just seen is your co-wife don’t you have the brains to figure that out and plus she is here to stay with us so I expect the two of you to get along. From now on the both of you will be sleeping with me in our bed”.

At first I thought he was joking but then that night the woman indeed slept with him on our bed, I on the other hand could not bear the thought of seeing what was happening and so I left the two of them to sleep on the bed while I crushed on the couch, I could not sleep with all the sounds of mourning of the two having sex and so I stayed up all night. I couldn’t do anything about that because I knew if I tried to jeorpodize anything, I would be the one to go.

My next decision had to be so carefully thought and so I called my friend and informed her about my husband’s abomination. She then replied to me, “Men will always be men my dear friend, but you shouldn’t give up you have to protect what is yours, you have been there for so many years do not let her take him from you no matter what, janjaruka”. That statement was some kind of a wake up call, she added that I should go to Doctor Mugwenu’s workshop to help get rid of the second wife.

The following morning, I went to his workshop. He inturn gave me a portion which I was to mix with water and wash both my husband cloth and mine in the same basin. After washing, I was to pour the same water at a hidden corner where the second wife had no set foot on. That evening I went back home and did as I was told.

Three days later after my husband wore the trouser I had washed with the portion, he came back from work called the woman and ordered her to pack all his belongings and leave he had realized that what he did was a mistake. The woman packed up and left, he asked for my forgiveness and added that he was willing to accept my son into our lives. He had completely changed and for the first time ever since I payed a visit to Doctor Mugwenu my house had now known peace.

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