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Otaifoh Celebrates 10th Wedding Anniversary With Adorable Pictures

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Days such as this are full of memories. Sometimes nostalgia overtakes you when you think back to where you have been and where you are now. Ten Years in matrimony as simple as it may sound is a lifetime of education; such education as cannot be offered by the four walls of any citadel of learning. The ups, the downs and the vicissitudes are nothing short of empirical evidences of the practicality and compatibility of two souls and hearts that beat as one.

Our case has been a testament of a union which has passed through the crucibles of a metaphoric warfare but through understanding, love and divine grace, we have surmounted every hurdle, and every trial that ever came, has ended.
Like an old Mexican proverb says , “The house does not rest upon the ground, it rests upon the woman”. My wife has been a pillar upon which has stood this primordial and sacred union. Only a few could be blessed with an epitome of wisdom, a quintessence of perseverance, an embodiment of grace, a collection of patience and compartment of comportment, for a wife; about her mouth and eyes lie such mildness that proclaims no evil.

These past 10 years together with you have been the best of my life. Together we have weathered the storm and stormed every weather. Though sometimes we differ in methods, our goals have always been the same and though we might have sometimes taken different paths, still it has led us to the same destination. Our differences have been our strength and in our diversity of thoughts lies our unity. I would wish for no other partner, I would wish for no other wife.
This love which bind us cannot be debarred by fate or any force whether terrestrial or celestial for upon God this union is built and we shall continue to stand upon this solid foundation to declare our maker’s praise and reap the sweet fruits of our matrimony without acrimony.

Ten years is just a mile from the many miles ahead of us but rest assured, we sail with the best of captains and like William Shakespeare wrote, “there is a tide in the affairs of men which taken in the flood lead us to fortune”. We have set sail, not on the tidal waves of heroes blood, but on the divine waves of God’s love and nothing but fortune lies ahead of us.
We will not fail to appreciate friends and family who have been there these past years. We are only one but never alone and our finest day is yet unknown. May God richly bless you all even as we begin a new phase of our marital bliss for which we invite you to join us in reveling in the euphoria once more. Thanks and God bless.
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