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OUTRAGE As Bola Tinubu Lands In Deep Trouble Shortly After He Gave 50 Million Naira To Zamfara State Residents

Sahara Reporters on Thursday, revealed that APC chieftain, Bola Tinubu paid a courtesy visit to Zamfara state to commiserate with the state government over the unexpected incident which took place in the state in the recent week.

Bola Tinubu is alleged to have given the sum of 50 million naira to the victims of the casualties. While speaking with the governor of Zamfara state, he revealed that he could have called him on phone to speak with him but he decided to come in person due to the sensitivity of the incident.

The APC chieftain maintained that he believes that the president, Muhammadu Buhari has what it takes to defeat any bad group in the country including bandits and terrorists who have continued to make life difficult for the people.

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He urged the governor of the state to remain hopeful that the challenges faced in the country as a result of the activities of the terrorist group would come to an end very soon.

In reaction to what he said, Nigerians took to the comment page to accuse him of giving false praises to the president due to his interest in becoming the next president of the country.

Moga ” Tinubu doesn’ t deserve to succeed President Buhari. he is a NADiCO member who doesn’ t believe one Nigerian during the IBB regime and up till today he is still a Member of the group which Sunday Igboho now enjoying their support. ”

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Sensors ” So Buhari can crush bandits, he is aware and just had been intentionally silent over them. Tinubu and Buhari are Dan Jumma and Dan Jummai, birds of same feathers. ”

Onovo ” Buhari’ s government can crush Boko Haram and bandits but failed to crush them. Continue deceiving yourself. Buhari can not give you an APC ticket. ”

Real ” This man is admitting indirectly that Buhari is incompetent. This means that Buhari has in his possession the arsenal to defeat the terrorists, but he is not using his rightly. He’ s sympathizing with them. Soro soke, Tinubu, the gods are listening. ”

Chi ” Campaign don start. If una like make una do mistake vote the wrong person again. As for me my international passport don ready, any small mistake I don trauma from this country makes una dey enjoy am. ”

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Checksum ” Yes we know, just that they are still playing their games and doing business (politics) with it, which they have been successful. They should continue. ”

Sanusi ” When Buhari is elected as the president abi? Unfortunately, Buhari lacks the ability now because he’ s not the president. Nonsense thing. ”

Chucks ” Since 2015 till date though we believe that certain unknown, known, seen and unseen elements in the affected zones in the north seems to be working against his efforts. “


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